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About Us

About Us

August Wealth Management is an independently owned and operated fee-only investment advisory and financial planning firm dedicated to helping Mainers live their best lives.

Our practice was founded in 2011 by Scott Whytock, a Certified Financial Planner™, and native Mainer who lives with his family in Scarborough.

At our core, we believe that our clients deserve insightful, objective advice regardless of their net worth.

As a fiduciary, we customize our recommendations based solely on what’s best for our clients and refuse to accept commissions, referral fees, or transaction-based income from loads, sales charges, or markups from any outside party.

Why Work with Us?


We want you to feel comfortable and confident while working with us. We encourage you to ask questions and we do our best to provide clear, fact-based explanations.


As a fiduciary, we are legally and ethically required to act in your best interest and put your needs first. We always provide our clients with the best options based on their individually needs.


From the recommendations we make, to the fees we charge, we pride ourselves on being completely open and transparent with our clients.


We pride ourselves on establishing long-term, multi-generational relationships with our clients and are deeply committed to helping them accomplish their goals.

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Enhancing one’s community is a privilege that we all have the opportunity to enjoy.

Community Connection

In addition to being committed to the success of our clients, we are equally committed to supporting the Maine communities where we live, work, and play. Over the years August Wealth Management has had the pleasure of supporting some of the region’s most recognized and respected community organizations.

As a Freemason, Scott received the Josiah Hayden Drummond medal for distinguished service and been named Mason of the Year at his lodge.  And, he currently serves as the Treasurer for the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation and the Grand Lodge of Maine.  In addition to his work with the Freemasons, Scott chaired the auction committee for the Center for Grieving Children and served on the finance committee.


Is August Wealth Management a Good Fit for Me?

Over the years, we’ve identified three characteristics among those who benefit the most from working with us. We call them the Planners, Dreamers, and Doers. It’s important to note that in many cases, these traits overlap.


Our Planners are highly organized individuals who know a sound financial plan is a secret to long-term success. Most already have some financial plan, but they lack the experience of adequately navigating the nuances that come with a comprehensive wealth management strategy.


The Dreamers come to us because they already know their end game. Whether their goal is to buy a retirement home in Acadia, travel the world, or leave a legacy that their family can enjoy for years to come, they want to be sure they have the resources to live their best lives.


The Doers come to us because they are busy living their lives. More often than not, they are balancing their work/life responsibilities and don’t have the time or energy to devote to developing a comprehensive financial plan.

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