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Helping Our Clients

Solve the What Now, What If and What next.

Helping Our Clients Solve the What Now, What If and What next.

As a boutique financial and investment advisory firm, we take great pride in helping our clients navigate life’s what nows, what ifs and what’s next.

But, who exactly are our clients?

August Wealth Management clients represent a cross-section of Maine’s populous. They are goal-oriented professionals, small business owners and well-respected nonprofit groups who seek a trusted partner to help them plan their financial future with confidence.

Each of our clients comes to us with a diverse set of wants and needs, but in many cases they all seek to solve similar challenges, including, but not limited to:

Individuals facing life-changing events such as marriage, buying a home or changing careers

Individuals and couples who desire higher quality, long-term personal investment strategies

Parents and grandparents looking for smarter ways to fund their children’s education

Families seeking wealth transfer, estate or philanthropic planning

Business leaders looking to support their employees' retirement needs, or help with their own business contingency plan

Nonprofit leaders looking to maximize their organization's annual investment income and endowment program

Is August Wealth Management a Good Fit for Me?

Over the years, we’ve identified three characteristics among those who benefit the most from working with us. We call them the Planners, Dreamers, and Doers. It’s important to note that in many cases, these traits overlap.


Our Planners are highly organized individuals who know a sound financial plan is a secret to long-term success. Most already have some financial plan, but they lack the experience of adequately navigating the nuances that come with a comprehensive wealth management strategy.


The Dreamers come to us because they already know their end game. Whether their goal is to buy a retirement home in Acadia, travel the world, or leave a legacy that their family can enjoy for years to come, they want to be sure they have the resources to live their best lives.


The Doers come to us because they are busy living their lives. More often than not, they are balancing their work/life responsibilities and don’t have the time or energy to devote to developing a comprehensive financial plan.

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