How to Prepare for a Divorce in Maine

Navigating a divorce is never easy. It is often an emotional time for many who find themselves scrambling for peace during turbulent times.

Still, it is critical that you do the best you can to understand how divorce will impact all the aspects of your life.  In this presentation, we take a practical look at how you can prepare for a divorce while following a five-step process that will help you maintain clarity and protect your financial future.

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It is best to make copies of the most recent set of documents that you can find for as much of the following that may apply to you. It is important to note you should not make any changes until you speak to an attorney.

While watching this presentation, you will be able to:

  • Identify ways to help you organize and prepare for your divorce
  • Learn how to evaluate your current financial situation
  • Compare and evaluate the three paths to managing a divorce
  • Find ways to develop a strong support network as you go through your divorce

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