Community Activities


Enhancing one’s community is a privilege that we all have the opportunity to enjoy. Scott and his family have been fortunate enough to assist a number of local non-profits.

A History of Giving Back

Scott previously served on the Board of Directors of The Center for Grieving Children in Portland. The Center for Grieving Children is an organization whose mission is to provide a loving environment for children and their families to experience their grief after experiencing a loss in their lives. Scott was the co-chair for the Center’s Annual Auction and Gala for three years which is one of the major fund raising events for the organization.

Scott is also a proud member of Governor William King Masonic Lodge in Scarborough, Maine. The Freemasons are commonly known as the world’s oldest fraternity as well as being one of the largest charitable organizations in the world. Scott has been the lodge Secretary for the past seven years and was honored to be named Mason of the Year in 2005.  He is also currently the Grand Treasurer of the Grand Lodge of Maine, a 501(c)10 non-profit organization.  Scott is also the Treasurer for the Maine Masonic Charitable Foundation, a public 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to bettering the communities and people of Maine.

Additionally, Scott has also worked with the Cumberland County YMCAMaine Center for Creativitythe Histiocytosis Association of America, the Ronald McDonald House, and the Portland Regional Chamber of Commerce, the American Cancer Society, among others.

Should you be interested in learning a bit more about any of these organizations, or sharing your own experiences, please contact us.

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Going back and forth with dates and times can be exhausting.  I've added a new tool to my website that will allow you to pick an appointment that works for you and to indicate where you'd like to meet.  Take a look here and book an appointment to chat anytime.

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A Fresh Look

Big news!!  We've got a brand new website.  You'll find a far more smooth and organized layout.  This new site is also a mobile responsive site.  This means that it will reorient itself when you view it on a phone or tablet.  At the bottom of each page, you'll find a...

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